I guess you can say that I was literally born into the jewelry business. My family has been a part of this fascinating trade for almost 100 years. It all began with my great-grandfather in 1908, in a small village in Turkey. He was truly an artisan, creating unique pieces of fine craftsmanship in his small jewelry shop. Since then, future generations of our family, including my father, have followed in his footsteps. Thankfully, my father was blessed with the same gift, and became an apprentice, quickly mastering the artistry of jewelry making. 

In the early 80’s my father began his retail business. As a young boy, I would often accompany my father to work. My interest in jewelry transformed into a fascination, spending every weekend at the store since the age of 13. What started as a part-time job, developed into a career. I began traveling across the U.S. and the world learning about all aspects of the jewelry industry. In California, I studied and graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), becoming a Certified Diamonds Graduate. I have worked with various jewelry wholesalers in Los Angeles, New York City, and Istanbul, Turkey, which happens to be the second largest gold exporter in the world. I have also worked with a jewelry manufactory in Montreal, Canada.

Of all the different areas of the jewelry industry, my passion is the public. That is why I have decided to settle in retail. For me, true satisfaction is derived from a customer who, in celebration of a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, etc. comes to me seeking help in celebrating a happy occasion. Helping that person and making him/her happy in the purchase is my most important goal.

My selection of merchandise helps me achieve that goal. Though I have been called picky with respect to what I carry, I’d like to think of myself as a perfectionist. I only carry the best. I am constantly traveling to trade shows in Italy, Canada, Belgium, and Las Vegas, searching for unique, quality merchandise. I also keep up to date with trends, reading trade and fashion magazines. Experience has shown me that keeping informed, keeps my customers informed. Therefore, I am here to offer suggestions, advice, and information.