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Kind of Engagement Ring

What Kind of Engagement Ring Does She Like?


Often I am asked the question, "How do I figure out what kind of engagement ring she likes?


This can be a tough question and there is a lot of pressure when buying an engagement ring. In most cases, this is the first time you are buying an engagement ring. It's an expensive purchase that you only want to make 1 time in your life. And of course, since she will be wearing this the rest of her life, you want to make sure she likes it.


Rest assured that you are not alone on this journey and there are some good ways to figuring out what type of engagement ring she will like.



Put On The Thinking Cap


I know it is tough for some people, but your mental power can come in big here. Think long and hard about your soon to be wife. Think about all her likes in life. Does she like things simple? Is she complex? Does she command attention in public or is she more reserved? These questions and more can give you a general idea of what to look for in an engagement ring.


While you are out and about in everyday life, keep your eyes pealed for opportunities. When around her friends or other women, ask her what she thinks of their engagement rings.


You are thinking of buying a ring for your sister or mom, ask her to help you out. "Coincidently" choose a jeweler who has engagement rings for sale. She will, without fail, end up in the engagement rings section.



Be Sneaky!


Buying an engagement ring gives you an excuse to be sneaky. When she is not around, sneak into her jewelry box and have a look around. What other types of rings does she have? What is the general theme or style of jewelry she wears? Does she have mostly yellow gold or white gold?


A quick note on gold. I usually recommend 18k white gold for engagement rings. White gold brings out the shine in a diamond better than yellow gold and also matches more outfits. White gold is also easier to work with and more durable than platinum. Finally, for most buyers, 18k white gold is more cost-effective.


If you can't get into her jewelry box easily, ask her brother or sister or friend to have a look at her jewelry. Ask them to get her finger size as well.


Most women love to shop, especially for diamond engagement rings. Ask one of her friends to conveniently stop by different jewelry shops to look at engagement rings.


Take a good look at the engagement rings that her friends and family have. There is a good chance that she will want a diamond ring of the same carat size.



Can I Just Ask Her?


If you are still having a tough time choosing an engagement ring and you feel your woman isn't the kind who will get upset if you ask her opinion, then you can simply ask her to go with you to look at engagement rings.


You would be surprised to know that about 50% of the engagement rings I sell, the gentleman brought his future bride to pick it out.



Good Luck!


I do recommend you invest some amount of time in the suggestions above. The more effort you invest in it, the more personal and valuable you will feel the ring is, and it will show when you go to present it!