For years, pearls have been the symbol of class and elegance. It is no wonder that their timelessness has been treasured for thousands of years. Professionalism class. Elegance of pearls. They are frequently mentioned in the bible and in ancient mythology.


Buying Pearls

Cultured Pearls

Fresh Water Pearls

Shape, size luster color.

No two pearls are alike, it takes an expert to match pearls for a necklace according to size, shape luster and color.


Caring for Pearls

Care of Cultured Pearls

The surface coating or “nacre” of cultured pearls is a soft organic material, which requires special care to prevent chipping, cracking or discoloration. “Last on-first off” put your cultures pearls on after applying cosmetics, hairspray, nail polish, or perfume. Never wear cultures pearls while bathing, swimming, or while working with chemicals. All of these substances will damage the nacre coating of your cultured pearl or the silk with which they are strung. If your cultures pearls become more heavily soiled, its time for a professional cleaning and restringing. Your pearls should due professionally clean and restrung every year or two (more frequently if you wear them often). Ordinary war and air pollution will weaken the silk threads on which they are strung.


Pearls are precious, but delicate gems, that require special care. Keep pearls unwrapped in a jewelry box, where other pieces cannot rub against them. This will ensure that they won't get scratched. Pearl strings become stretched out over time. You should bring in pearl necklaces for restringing annually.


Gift ideas

Pearls are traditional gift for the third anniversary as well as for a 30th anniversary. Pearls help brides look their best. These gems have been linked to love and marriage since the time of the ancient Greeks. Modern brides traditionally choose pearls for themselves as well as for bridal party gifts.


South Sea pearls come from tropical and semi-tropical oysters.

Tahitian black pearls from French Polynesia.

Freshwater pearls from mussels rather than oysters.

Mabe’ half-round pearls from oysters’ inside shells, irregularly shaped pearls.


There’s a pearl type to fit every budget.  You can pick from a range of colors- white, gold, deep purple, black, gray, pink and peach. Those who can’t afford a strand of the large collection with good-quality luster can start their collection with a single-pearl pendant or a small pair of pearl earrings. Jewelers can help customers lengthen their necklaces by matching new pearls according to size and color.  Enhancers or jeweled clasps can also be added to update a pearl necklace.  Add a matching bracelet, ring, or earrings to begin a beautiful pearl wardrobe.


Pearls are perfect gifts in the month of June. They’re the birthstone for the sixth month of the year and have become traditional gifts for two occasions that often take place, weddings, and graduations. As summer begins and sun worshippers gravitate toward the beach, what gift could be more appropriate than a gem from the sea?


Pearls symbolize professionalism. The understated ladylike elegance of pearls is very appropriate for office wear and seamlessly transitions to eveningwear for those too busy to go home and change after work before a night out.  Pearls’ versatility and universal appropriateness make them a perfect gift to celebrate graduations.