There is a saying that a diamond is “forever”. But there is something else that comes with that beautiful diamond ring you have just purchased. How you propose is just as important as the diamond ring you give her.  Although it only takes four little words to pop the question, proposals require extensive thought and planning. This very special moment will be engraved in your girlfriend's heart forever.  After all, the way you propose will be repeated to everyone she knows.


The diamond engagement ring is the ultimate gift of love. This goes as far back as the fifteenth century. 


Timing is very important. Pick a day that is meaningful to your relationship, such as your first date or anniversary of a special time you had together. This way the day will shine all on its own. I don’t recommend proposing on holidays. 


The place you propose will become a cherished spot for the rest of your life, so selecting a location is a very important decision to make when planning a proposal.  Consider likes and dislikes of your partner and choose a place that will be meaningful for the both of you.


This is a tradition that I strongly believe in. You should talk to the appropriate family member to ask for your girlfriend's hand in marriage. Whether it be her father, mother or even sibling. It still is a time-honored tradition.