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  • $119.00

A classic heart shaped locket, the Carly is a stylish addition to any collection. This sterling silver photo locket is studded with dazzling white topaz stones. The Carly can hold two photos. Sterling Silver necklace chain options from 18" to 36" features a 2" jump ring allowing two length options. Locket measures 16.7 x 15 mm.

Our Carly locket was named after Carly Elaina Bradley. Although Carly was taken away from us at 30 years of age by brain cancer, a battle in which she stoically fought for over 13 years, cancer patient was not the label that defined her. Carly will always be remembered for her magnetic personality, dynamic smile, quick wit, compassion for others, and overall love of life. Carly's strength emanated to whomever came in contact with her. She had a passion for people and places and took much enjoyment in the simplicity of life. Among her many passions, she took great pride in helping and inspiring others by volunteering in some of her favorite charities, including The Make-A-Wish Foundation and The American Cancer Society. Gifted writer, Carly chronicled much of her journey that can be read here: