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  • $349.00

A sparkling, shimmering snowflake, the beautiful Paloma locket necklace is a sophisticated piece that will dress up any look. Studded with diamonds, the peek-a-boo design lets you sneak a look at your loved one through the intricate filigree. Sterling Silver locket pendant with .16 diamond CTW. Necklace chain options from 18" to 36" featuring a 2" jump ring allowing two length options. Locket measures 22.75mm diameter.

Our Paloma custom silver locket is inspired by peace. After Picasso painted Guernica, about a war-torn Spain, he was then invited to create the very first emblem for the First International Peace conference in Paris in 1949. He painted his first peace dove. The name Paloma, his daughter’s, means dove in Spanish. When our partner at Breast Cancer Research Foundation introduced us to her daughter Paloma we knew that this piece needed to bear her name. When they named her, they felt the name represented both tranquility and strength; the gentle soul of a dove of peace, but the wings to soar to great heights. Their little dove is definitely both. The Paloma locket is a keepsake that she will treasure for years to come.